For Dr. Ray Lupkas and his wife, Michele, they sought out SCORE when they were laying the groundwork for Juvo Med Spa, a new business in Southern Pines the couple opened earlier this summer.

(LEGACY -- DO NOT USE) My Challenges 

Turning their dream of Juvo MedSpa into a reality did not happen overnight. Dr. Ray and Michele studied and took many classes in preparation for this new adventure,

How SCORE helped. 

“Each mentor would look at my business plan in a different way,” said Lupkas, who is a veteran and retired anesthesiologist. “That was good because it was helpful to me to have to explain what my business was to each of them. This prompted me to focus on what my business really is about and formulate ideas of what I wanted to do.”

What's great about my mentor? 

Lupkas said the mentor team was “pretty aggressive” about looking at areas of weakness in his plan. They would also give him homework to look up demographics and other information he should have on-hand.

Juvo Medspa