Elite Academy of Dance was established in 2015 and is family owned and operated.  

Our vision is to provide a creative, nurturing and positive environment for our students.  

Through our creative and extensive Dance training, our dancers will learn poise, self confidence and discipline.  By creating a supportive team structure our dancers will learn pride of achievement along with building a foundation to excel in future endeavors.

My successes. 

This past Summer, we spent considerable time and resources renovating the building that we purchased, and fitting it up for the Fall season. We began our (fourth) season on August 27 in the new building. Although we have a number of improvements left to make, we are operating, and customer response to the new facility has been very positive indeed (As a confidential side note, in our Business Plan, we estimated enrolling 235 students, given the capacity that the new space provided. Yesterday, we enrolled our 235th student, and we continue to receive inquiries from prospective enrollees).

How SCORE helped. 

The advice and counsel of Sandhills SCORE helped guide us in the right direction and avoid pitfalls on many issues, especially in our purchasing the building at 105 Turner Street in Southern Pines for our dance studio. 


Elite Academy of Dance