Sandhill Local Workshops

View 2016 Fall Schedule of Seminars at the Sandhills Community College Small Business Center.



Title Date Time Building Room
 Business Basics: Start Your Business Sept 5th (Tues) 6:00-9:15pm Van Dusen Hall 103
 Business Basics: Finance Your Business Sept 12th (Tues) 6:00-9:15pm Van Dusen Hall 103
 Business Basics: Understanding Business Taxes

Sept 19th (Tues)

6:00-9:15pm Van Dusen Hall 103
 Business Basics: Your Business Plan   6:00-9:15pm Van Dusen Hall 103
 Business Basics: How To Get A Business Loan   6:00-9:15pm Van Dusen Hall 103

 Business Basics: Do You Have The Right Stuff



Van Dusen Hall 103
Seminars start promptly at 6:00 p.m.
How to Register: Contact Teresa Reynolds at 695-3938 or identifying seminar, your name and phone number.Register early so you are sure to get a seat and we can plan to have enough handouts.

Business Basics

This seminars series is a “MUST DO” for anyone either in business or planning to start. Each person who completes all six seminars receives a $75 grant from Sandhills SCORE to be applied to advertising for the business (SCORE will reimburse the business up to $75 upon receipt of the documented advertising expenses).

  • Do You Have the Right Stuff?
  • Great Beginnings
  • Your Business Plan
  • Marketing- What You Need To Know
  • Accounting For You & Me
  • How To Get A Business Loan



Understand the basics of starting a business. Turn your idea into an opportunity. Learn key strategies for start-up, financing, marketing, legal issues, and more. Realize the importance of a self-assessment and how to evaluate the feasibility of your business idea.


Great Beginnings

This seminar is designed to point the new or potential small business owner in the right direction, providing an overview of:

  • The fundamentals of a Plan for your business
  • Legal structure options for your business
  • Up front actions you must take
  • SBA Resources available to you
  • Risk management via insurance

Your Business Plan

Lenders know that without a Business Plan (1) They cannot make a valid judgment about whether your business idea is a good one or not and (2) They cannot be sure that you have thought through all the essentials. Join our Business Plan seminar and learn how to assess the real chance your small business has to survive in today’s hotbed economy.


Marketing – What You Need To Know

Every savvy businessperson knows this: without sales a business has no financial future. This seminar, straight from the trenches of real American business experience, teaches marketing your small business to success starting the day after the seminar! The instructor ran his own highly successful business for many years as well as led marketing efforts in several Fortune 500 firms.


Accounting For You & Me

By the end of this seminar you will have sufficient working knowledge of basic accounting skills that you can apply to your small business right away. You will be reasonably knowledgeable of a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement such that you can communicate and interact with your Accountant for the purpose of managing your business more effectively.


How To get A Business Loan

This is the practical world of what to do and how to do it. You will understand the many forms of capital that are available and how to apply. A local bank loan officer will tell you exactly what he expects from you to be successful in your loan application. A representative from the Fayetteville Women’s Business Center will discuss the SBA Community Express loan program (which includes several unsecured loan options).


Exit Strategies

You have worked for years establishing your business and it is time to retire – what is your plan? If you have not established a plan ahead of time, you are in trouble. In this seminar you will explore 7 exit strategies such as sell, merge, be aquired, pass to the family, etc. You will also be acquainted with various business valuation techniques to enable you to communicate effectively with a business broker.


Tax Planning for a Small Business

A local CPA will discuss tax issues of significance to the small business owner. In many instances the business interests and the owner and/or employee interests overlap and require careful attention. Among the areas discussed: family on payroll, retirement accounts, deductions allowable and not allowable, year – end planning, hobby vs. business and much much more.



You cannot be everything to everybody…nor can you beat Wal-Mart at their game. You must establish your own identity, your own niche. This is the domain of specialty retail marketing. This seminar will help you to understand all the steps necessary to start and run a specialty retail store SUCCESSFULLY.


Website 101

Are you wondering how the internet can be of value to your business? The internet is there every day and you have probably used it hundreds of times; but should you take the leap to have your own web site? How to begin…how to know where to start? Start right here with this introductory class that will help you understand the basics.